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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy the MCDOG burger?

MCDOG burger is a complete food made from real meats containing the essential nutrients of your dear friends. It is a basic need, not a reward.

If MCDOG were made from real meat, wouldn't it be more expensive?

As MCDOG, we buy the products we need in the cheapest season of the season and store them in minus 18 cold rooms until production. For example, when the fish is abundant in the winter fishing season, we follow the prices, we make our purchases when it is the lowest.

Do we need to put MCDOG in the freezer?

No need. Since it is produced with the canning technique, you can store it at room temperature without exposure to the sun. Once the box is opened, you need to use the whole or put the rest in the fridge and consume immediately.

Can I feed my dog ​​only MCDOG?

In MCDOG, your dog has all his nutritional needs because it is made only of meat. It is not recommended to eat the same food all the time, so it would be beneficial to diversify 1-2 meals a day with MCDOG 1-2 meals with dry food.

If I don't like the product, do I have the right to return it?

We offer the product in packages of 10 - 20. If you are not satisfied after opening 1-2 boxes in a 10-pack, you can return them within 1 week of purchasing 10 pieces without opening the others.

Can I give MCDOG to my cat?

It is okay to give it to your cat, but we recommend you to buy our kittyfoodcat cat meatballs, which we produce specially for cats, since it is produced for dogs.

Where can I buy MCDOG?

You can easily get MCDOG from our website, select pet shops, shopping sites such as Tremdyol, N11, Hepsiburada with options such as credit card and payment at the door.

Frequently Asked Questions