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Why Dog Burger?

Why Dog Burger?

Why Dog Burger?

As you know, dogs that are our dear friends are carnivorous animals. Meeting their nutritional needs by consuming meat is part of their nature.

For this reason, they must meet some of their daily nutritional needs with animal food. Most of the dry foods offered for sale in the market today do not contain animal food. Cereals, barley, wheat and corn are produced mainly and a small amount of animal food such as bone meal is added.

When carnivorous dogs are fed with dry food produced with grains, their lifespan is shortened and causes metabolic diseases. Since fresh foods are made from meat and have a high price, they are often referred to as prize foods. As a matter of fact, proper nutrition, which is the basic need of our dear friends, should not be considered as a reward.

all stepped in here as MCDOG Dog Burger chicken, fish and by producing red meat, a first Mcdog burgers in Turkey to meet the basic needs of our not reward food little friends, we offer you and dear friend of your liking.

MCDOG Dog Burger is produced directly from animal products, not from animal by-products. It is produced on the basis of a real, nutritious burger production principle without using any additives. Animal products that come to our facility are turned into minced meat by passing through a meat grinder, then kneaded with various small amounts of vegetables, then shaped into a burger.

The product, which becomes a burger, is cooked partially through a deep fryer, then it is placed in suitable tin boxes and broth is added.

The cans are closed and become canned after being sterilized for 2 hours in an autoclave device at 120 degrees. Food production with burger production technique is first made by our company in the world. It should not be forgotten that the food produced with care and diligence should be given to our dear friends at least 1 meal a day and they should be fed with meat.

We strongly recommend you to try Mcdog Dog Burgers made of real meats for the price of dry food. If you do not like it from our sales channel, you can easily reach our food with return guarantee ...

 Why Dog Burger?